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Female Condom:

ORIGAMI™ Female Condom

Company Product Portfolio:

  • Male Condoms
  • Female Condoms
  • Anal Condoms

Contact details:

Danny Resnic (Executive Director)

Tel: +1-310-299-2848

Company Address:

Strata Various Product Design
Los Angeles, CA
Tel: +1-310-280-9861

Company Overview:

The ORIGAMI Condoms™ brand has conducted four NIH-funded clinical trials: the ORIGAMI Male Condom™(OMC), the first NON-rolled, latex-free, silicone male condom, in collaboration with the California Family with Health Council, Los Angeles; the ORIGAMI Female Condom™(OFC), a latex-free, inserted female condom made of a uniquely formulated polymer, in collaboration with the Women’s Global Health Imperative at RTI, International, San Francisco; and the ORIGAMI Anal Condom™ (OAC), the first condom ever proposed for anal sex, in collaboration with The Fenway Institute, Boston.

The company's mission is to provide unique, pleasurable condoms that people can enjoy using and to increase consistent consumer uptake.

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