Dahua Medical Apparatus Company (Dahua) of Shanghai, China

Shanghai Dahua Medical Apparatus
     Image: http://dahuachina.com.cn/


Female Condom:

Woman’s Condom (branded as O’LavieTM in China)

Company Product Portfolio:

  • Blood transfusion
  • Family Planning
  • Clinical Medical Products

Key Accreditations:

  • ISO 13485: 2012
  • ISO 9001: 2008
  • CE Mark

Company / Factory Address:

No.85 Shengshan road
Chongming xian
Tel: +862169622188
Emailshdahua@msn.cn / shdahua16@msn.cn
Skype: shdahua@msn.cn

Company Overview:

Dahua Medical Apparatus Company (Dahua) of Shanghai, China seeks to improve reproductive health and to expand protection options for women and men globally. It is the manufacturer of the Woman’s Condom (branded as O’LavieTM in China). This female condom was originally designed by PATH, who transferred production of the Woman’s Condom to Dahua in 2008.

Dahua is a manufacturer with more than 25 years of experience in the medical device business. The company has specific capability in film production and welding, plastics molding, and assembly. Dahua is compliant with general medical device Good Manufacturing Practices and holds ISO 9000 series and ISO 13485 registration.

(Text taken and adapted from the Dahua company website)

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