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FCMi - Female Condom Market Intelligence



FCMi is part of the Universal Access to Female Condoms Joint Programme (UAFC) and provides market intelligence for those involved or interested in the procurement and supply of female condoms.

One of the goals of UAFC is to increase the variety of quality-assured and affordable female condoms on the market. With the increase in demand and variety of products, it is anticipated that there will be greater competition in the market leading to better affordability.

FCMi supports this goal by providing visitors information on the range of female condoms either on the market or in the advanced stages of development. Further, FCMi seeks to increase market transparency and market responsiveness by providing the latest female condom market intelligence. These activities contribute to our vision of a vibrant market in which a variety of female condoms are available at affordable prices.

FCMi is managed by i+solutions, a partner in the UAFC consortium.

Universal Access to Female Condoms Joint Programme 

UAFC's website seeks to increase global awareness of female condoms and provides visitors a comprehensive range of resources, including advocacy toolkits, media resources and links to other like-minded organisations.

UAFC Joint Programme

UAFC was founded in 2009 with the aim of making female condoms accessible, affordable and available for all. In the programme, four partners (Oxfam Novib, Rutgersi+solutions and the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs) combine their expertise to address the main barriers to access to female condoms, namely high procurement prices, lack of competition in the female condom market (and the subsequent lack of variety), and lack of comprehensive female condom programming in many countries. Three mutually reinforcing components form the basis of the programme: